Trusting Rain

Collecting rain-water is a way of life in Bermuda, with each household responsible for their water supply. Few travelers to the spectacular island are aware of this centuries old method of water conservation. There are no natural rivers, streams or fresh water ponds in Bermuda. For the inhabitants, capturing rainwater is second nature, born of necessity and ingenuity. But things are changing on the island, droughts, more people and international workers, as well as a loss of the cultural history of water collection are all contributing to an unsustainable path.

Set against the natural beauty of the island, the film reveals the complex relationship between densely populated areas like Bermuda and natural resources. Centuries of self-sufficiency unfold through personal stories from Bermudians. The film Trusting Rain portrays Bermuda’s own water conservation as a limited resource, a skill that could be cultivated by communities around the globe.

Trusting Rain premiered at the Bermuda International Film Festival March 2012, where it played again in the Best of the Festival. Filmmaker magazine called Trusting Rain “visually entrancing”.

Dates of screenings:

Bermuda International Film Festival, Bermuda
March 20th, 2012

Woods Hole Library, MA. USA
Film screening
April 30th, 2012

Afi World Peace Initiative-Hamptons NY, USA
Friday August 3rd, 2012

Voices from the Waters, Bangalore, India
Sept. 2nd, 2012

Film Work

Trinidad and Tobago

Trusting Rain

Thur 20 Sept, 3.00pm, Little Carib Theatre
Fri 21 Sept, 1.30pm, UWI, institute of Critical Thinking
Thur 27 Sept, 1.00pm, MovieTowne POS

Blue Ridge Film Festival, Virginia, USA
Friday Oct. 12th

Falmouth Farmers Market, MA, USA
October 4th, 2012

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, New Mexico, USA
Oct. 17-21st (Date to be announced)

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